Last Year’s Novelty


A Colour That Hints At Your Flesh

From an incredible distance I see your pixels dance in my hand, your skin as luminous as I remember it being even if I did have to turn the brightness all the way up. You whisper into the wind that bends the fronds words I hear clearly in my inner ear from this condemned other hemisphere. You are elemental, like I always said. You have more energy than the sun. You are everlasting like the tide; something that cannot be lost. What it means to be a women, whatever occult secret that is, you have it written on the down of your skin—I only regret not learning how to read better.

Entropy entorpy eytropn tenyrpo ynporte nptroye

We all end up alone



Avoiding expressions others can read

Looking at the equal distance between us

The linoleum between our feet

No one has the energy left

Uniform void

Eating dinner to the sound of rain

Skin-temperature apathy

Love songs become hypertext become data strings

Throat fretting vibrations the same as everyone else

All human language our lovesong out of order

Our epitaph, the unwritten sky

At least we’ll be buried collectively