Upright and Breathing

I have a hummingbird heart

A goldfish’s memory

And a crocodile’s frown

Why can’t I have a blowfly’s lifespan too?

Why can’t I just live one precious day

And die on a window flying toward the light?

Why can’t I just have one precious day to waste

One day to wait

Until my heart explodes




I read my name on a binder that was yours 

An age or two ago 

There was a smiley face but it wasn’t mine 

Because in those days I never smiled

And these days I don’t either 

So I guess not much has changed

Except you’re older 

And I’m older 

And you don’t write my name on your binder anymore 

True Love is as Pure as a Cuckold’s Kiss

true love is only real in fiction

and even then it’s usually fake

sometimes I have the energy to love you forever

until that emotion mounts in height like a terrible Pompeii

and I wanna explode

but nothing ever happens

a silent eruption

an invisible collapse

I bury the thought beside all the other empty graves I’ve dug

then I spend antic weeks hating you

trying to hide from your smile

as full of disgust as I was of love

until I have to dig a grave for that too

so tourists from the future

can’t come ogle my tragedies