Supermoon X Baudrillard X Goldberg v Lesnar

The world is just generally overhyped. Talk about advertisement being the only art alive today. The thought of the thing seems to always eclipse the thing itself. The promo campaign invariably seems to get people excited and hashtagging release dates, then the thing drops and everyone’s like, “what the fuck is this bro?” Hence I’ve never understood the logic of “It’s better to be, than not to be.” Like, how do you fucken know. This is how closely we are or have become tied to advertising: even being alive has campaigns aimed at different demographics. For the older, Think about what a wonderful life you’ve had; for the younger, Think about the wonderful life you will have. But no one is telling you to just think about how wonderful life IS right now. And maybe that’s coz it isn’t good. It’s corrupt, shallow, atavistic and ruled by liars with total might. We’ve been so conditioned by advertising to look at the world around us as a lousy program that has minimal entertainment values. So we change the channel, everyone gets cooked doing drugs or drinking those two glasses of wine after work; we have affairs and start arguments with people just to not be bored; play radical politics to feel like we belong to a community.

Since our consciousness co-creates reality this elegantly describes why even natural occurrences are being rolled into this cult of superficial value and subsequent let down. Or maybe we (as a species) have been watching TV for so long our perception of reality has unalterably changed. Total interpenetration of reality and fiction. Like, is anything important until we see it on the news? Will anything sell if it’s not preceded by a viral marketing campaign that confuses the fuck out of the elderly. “What is Uber, sounds like a war we fought against the Jerries, maybe after the Somme.” Where is the market square now? It’s not a physical place, it’s not entirely a cyber space, it’s only once a few months your neighbour’s garage space.

If anyone saw the much vaunted supermoon yesterday/today/tomorrow (depending on your relative place in space/time) I’m gonna spoil it for you: was shit. Not the moon itself which is always the same (the bitch doesn’t even show you it’s backside), but the sign of the moon. The supermoon is promoted to be this life changing mystical experience of how small we all are etc and the grandeur of creation, but when I looked at the sky last night I only saw clouds (I’m gonna head you off here if you’re thinking I’m dissing the supermoon itself just because it was cloudy and I couldn’t see it). The supermoon as a sign will never lead us to feel magic (which is just another sign). What we need, to feel magic, is the revitalisation of signs. Doesn’t anyone already feel magic looking at the regular moon? What’s not magical about the moon just up there doing its thing? For magic we need to re-enchant ourselves. If we don’t see the world as fantastic we are at fault not the world because it was once magic for all of us (hint: childhood). Same thing happens after meditation or an acid trip, you’re boiling with love for things you’re seeing as of anew.

More on signs, or maybe I should say icons, Goldberg Vs Lesnar is happening next week and I predict that this will shatter expectations. This should be a regular feel good comeback for Goldberg; don’t reckon the WWE will have him go down to Lesnar after he came back purely to get the little superstars’ vote and a quick pop from the old marks. I think he’s meant to beat Lesnar and show young kids that evil always gets its dues eventually + the other metanarrative that you’re never to old to accomplish your dreams if you have a pure heart. So I’m predicting Lesnar to STOMP GOLDBERG INTO A SHITTY TRIBAL TATTOO. I reckon WWE loves their “You can never guess what we’re really going to do” aspect more than it cares about little kids. It just wants their (parents’) money and if they pay to see the show and buy merch and watch Raw after a PPV they’re happy. Given that there is fuck all Goldberg merch for sale on and that he’s not sticking around to fight other matches, I gotta reckon that Lesnar is a bigger draw for them and they’ll just use this as another beat down to prove that Brock is unconquerable. I could be wrong though. Someone has got to eventually beat him, but I reckon they’ll highlight his heelishness more before that happens and go for the big payoff sold-out event with the plucky upstart outdoing him. Eventually.


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