First RTJ 3 Single

Wooohooo, damn Adult Swim is really patron of the dark arts lately. They’ve just dropped week 23 of the Adult Swim Singles 2016 (fuck, I guess you could call it a compilation), with the latest track by purveyors of genre-jettisoning rap Run The Jewels. This one should help you through whatever early-in-the-week day you’re stranded on.

Talk to Me, this offering from RTJ, is typically loud: a cacophonic El-P beat with a fast funky shuffle from a bunch of nice instruments gone bad and some fuzzy scratching; Mike and El duelling verses. Bars on bars on bars. Loudness, spacey production, aggression. Awesomeness

This is the first sample of what to expect from Run The Jewels: 3 which seems like it might be released before the end of the year, but I doubt it. It looks to continue the same outstanding braggadocio and zeal of the last two RTJ releases. Only one song is out but it evidences all the pace, fury and stylistic hallmarks of their two previous award-winning albums, and you could be forgiven for already setting aside a tentative place in your years end best-of lists for this one (in whatever year it actually drops). It’s been two undistinguished years since RJT2 dropped and literally made people reconsider the power of hip hop. Mercy, can’t chill until this is out.

Check out the Adult Swim Singles 2016 here. There are tunes by Captain Murphy, Dj Paypal, Earl Sweatshirt, Sremmlife Crew, Kittie et al. Keep posted for the last of the releases coming on Wednesdays.

Adult Swim has curated some amazing visual representations of the releases on the Adult Swim Singles tape. Could this be the working artwork for the RTJ3 cover? Doubtful, but still dope. 




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