Nation Blue stream

Yo, its your mo Skinny Stash here. Woke up to some peerless news today that The Nation Blue’s two new albums Black and Blue are streaming on Faster Louder here ahead of tomorrow’s release.

Already had a bit of a listen and it is shredding, idiosyncratic stuff. The band have more speeds than a tradie with a bag of crack and another bag of morphine and a four-day work week.

Had a bit of a listen and its super strong so far. Black is more noisy and experimental, shifting gears and refusing to keep one overarching tempo or mood although the heart of all the songs is indignant anger and incredulity. There’s so much ambience in the mix  that gives Black this extra loudness, like its all resonating off the inside of your cranium. It’s recorded phenomenally. Every nuance, feedback squeal and rumbling punch delivered crystal clear.

Blue is more easygoing and exhibits more straight-up noise/post-punk tendencies and is probably an easier listen than Black purely because the songs are a little more accessible. This is making them sound like cookie-cutter genre songs which they’re really not. Nothing about this album can be adjectivally related to any band really. The Nation Blue have a sound of their own.

If Blue is more post-punk, Black is more post-human or post-societal-conditioning -retriving the sublimated madness within.

Plenty more to be discovered with more listens weeeew dream_3debb850d1


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