The Nation Blue return

Black and Blue available Oct 14

If you give a good goddamn about Australian music you should just listen to this because whether you like (are evolved enough to enjoy) the sound of The Nation Blue or not they’ve fucked with formula of rock music in an oh-so-needed way. The three piece from Hobart (via Melbourne) have been punishing sensibilities and complacent corporate genre-core since before 2K. One of the country’s most revered live acts,  ferociously alive, anarchically melodic, darkly inert on occasions, you can never predict what sounds The Nation Blue will hatch.

It’s been seven years since the boys’ last album and 20 years since their inception and they’re returning in Terminator form with two separate albums released simultaneously on Poison City Records, Black and Blue. They’ve said that Black is the darker, heavier of the two while Blue is more straight-up rock songs–if there could be anything straight-up about these noisy fucks.

Imagine a world where genre is not confining but rather a post for the recalcitrant Ivy to grow over. This is the Nation Blue. They have the strength of a mastodon running through a night-market. Face-degloving sadistic noise with some of the most propulsive rhythm sections, ever. A band that sometime exhibits throat-blistering aggression, sometimes sombre post-punk cooing, sometimes Aussie-belter pub-punk tunes, but always delivered as a stern insult to an amorphous and uncaring world.


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