Krakatau in Riddells Creek is Aus music’s Live in Pompeii

Krakatau are a proggy trio from Fitzroy by way of the opposite side of the Milky Way, or maybe the dark side of the Moondog.

I mean, holy shit. This makes me feel the way I feel with a heroic dose of fungus disintegrating in my stomach- awed yet accommodated, ecstatic and afraid, accepting I may be put to death by something so strange and grandiose and feeling that its worth all the reincarnations.

Funky 70’s teak wood grooves kick in at 6 mins and pull us out of the chthonian fog into a jazzy jaunt blasting genres together like the LHC. Kaleidoscopic soundscapes to take you wherever your adventurous mind wants to wander. It’s got all the encrusted 70’s grandiosity of Emmerson, Lake and Palmer or Yes, but instrumental and not indulgently maximalist. (Keith Emmerson would be stoked with the ultra cinematic Keys in this piece too).

The piece in this vid is available on Water Near A Bridge from Trouble in Mind Records, a vinyl-only release from this year. Check it out its a happenin release for those with their ear to the astral pavement.



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